A lovely hairstyle and stylish dresses are things that make one the cynosure of all eyes in a gathering. But at close range, one of the first things people notice about you besides dressing is how attractive your nails are, especially if you gesticulate with your hands when talking.

Apart from making you an instant fashion statement, nice nails make you look more professional. People are most likely to pay you compliments, and nothing gives you greater happiness than hearing how great you look.

In addition to great looks, taking care of your nails has immense health benefits like relieving stress and leaving your skin moisturized and fresh. The risk of infection is also greatly reduced, and blood flow is increased.

Popular opinion would advise going to a salon to get your nails cared for. That’s okay, but you can still maintain your nails yourself, right in the comfort of your home. With body care tips and skincare product information available on single price UK, you can get your nails looking very attractive. You can also find information on how to be a fashionable person but first, have a look at these tips for healthy and beautiful nails.

  1. Use a hand lotion to keep your nails moisturized: Brittle nails are unattractive and speak volumes of how they are neglected. Applying some moisturizer to your nails will give them a more alluring look.
  2. Try as much as possible to keep your nails dry: Having your nails make steady contact with water makes them weaker, which could result in your nails breaking more easily. Such dampness could also increase nail fungus growth so it is advised that you limit how often you wet your fingers and that you dry them whenever you do.
  3. Treat your nails as a delicate part of your body: The practice of using nails to open cans is not as cool as it looks; it can cause injury and the sight of an open wound on your nails is not something you’d enjoy looking at.
  4. Use nail remover to take off your acrylic nails: It doesn’t matter if you can just peel them off painlessly. Layers of your nails can be pulled in the process, leaving your nails weaker. However, you might want to get nail removers that do not contain acetone.
  5. Don’t cut off your cuticles: They provide added protection for your nails and cutting them off, either partly or in full, will expose your nails to infection.

As you’ve probably figured out, nail care requires little money. But it does take a lot of time. It’s fine if you want to use a professional manicure and pedicure service. However, you should be reminded that it is unsafe for you to share manicure equipment.

Also note that the things you do, or don’t due to your nails affects the general results of your nails care session. Be careful when you file your nails, so they’ll look even, and use some nail polish to add some glam to your fingers. Just be sure that whenever you’re offered a handshake, you’ll be confident to take it.